Seeking my focus. Where are thou?

I lost my focus. I lost my touch. I lost myself.

After all these years, I ended up in the same place.

Where do I go from here?

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“Honesty is the best policy” -Robert Ingersoll

Many research conducted on what employees seek in a potential leader has shown time and time again that they all want a leader that is honest. We all want to work with honest individuals. Honesty breeds trust and integrity in a person. We want a leader who will be honest with their qualities  as well as their shortcomings. Honesty is the foundation of all personal relationships. It is evident all around us. I need to trust my manager, they need to trust us subordinates. Children need to trust their parents and likewise. Friends need to trust each other or else friendship will diminish. Most importantly, in the world of sales, customers need to trust the person who is recommending or suggesting a product, goods or service.

Honesty breeds trust between individuals and that leads to a foundation of integrity.Any relationship relies on these fundamental qualities to survive and prosper. This is what we strive for, a win-win outcome for both parties involved. A win-lose outcome might gain you something once but will no longer lead to a second referral or ‘sale’ since they have already detected your deceptive actions.

Honesty is the foundation of our personal and professional life. This foundation needs to be built from the beginning which will inevitably facilitate your future influences and successes

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Help Consultant or Sales Person?

Have you ever wonder to yourself how some people are so successful in their lives while others are simply dragging along? Is it really their intelligence? Is it really their wealth or class? Or are they doing something that some of us missed along the way? The answer is quite easy. It lies in our ability to influence and persuade in a positive manner benefiting everyone in the process. So it’s not a selfish endeavor, but a collective sharing that is beneficial to everyone you encounter.

These tips are really useful for someone who work in sales. In my humble opinion, I would like to call them “help consultants.”  Why do you think I prefer to call myself a help consultant versus a sales person/ sales associate? Well, when we are approached by a sales associate, we instinctively feel like they are trying to sell us something, so they get can a commission or whatever bonuses at the end of the day. It doesn’t sit well with you since you know their main objective is to make sales. Now, imagine when someone refer to themselves as a “help consultant” or just simply “consultant.”  A consultant sounds much less intimidating, and come off as being helpful and informative. It is not associated with negative connotation of ‘sales’ and ‘commission.’ In reality, we have customers who are looking for a certain goods or services, hence their ‘need’ and we, the ‘consultant’ can offer the appropriate goods or services to fulfill that need. The outcome we strive for is a WIN-WIN Situation. They got want they needed, and we made the sales based on their needs. Both parties win, we are both happy and satisfied. And hopefully we get repeat business and referrals. The goal for the consultant is not to make one “quick” sale and never see them again, but to have repeat sales again and again based on your trustworthiness and honesty.

Over the next few articles, aside from Healthy Living Tips about healthy healing foods, we will also offer some great suggestions from the field of Psychology on influencing, persuading and learning how to close the ‘sale’. Please remember these are NOT meant to be manipulative. They are simply time tested truths that works for everyone. Also, they are backed by psychology research in the field of social psychology, relationship and persuasion.

So do you know who are the best sales people in the world?

1. They often succeed at what they want.

2. They never give up.

3. They always try one more time to convince you.

4. They always have more than one way of requesting something.

If you haven’t guessed it already, they are the special kids in your life.

Children are the most persistent sales in training individuals in the making. How did we learn to lose this amazing skill? How do we learn to relive our youthful energy without sounding childish. Well, I’m here to find that out with you together.

We will examine the conditions that makes us influential, persuasive and getting others to say yes to your requests. As we grew up in this society, we lost the ability to ask for things, we play mind games, and we expect others to read our ‘clues’ yet we are disappointed when they don’t pick up on it. Also, we are so afraid to hear the word ‘no’ because rejection feel so bad to all of us. But you must also remember that sales isn’t just for sales people or ‘help consultant.’ The art of sales is applicable to all of us. We use special ‘sales’ technique to get our kids to bed, to eat vegetables, and to stop playing video games. Children uses techniques to ask parents to buy them food, games and clothes they want. They have an arsenal of reasons and excuses to defend themselves should you reject their requests. Single man and woman uses sales techniques to peak interest, attract future partners and hopefully a marriage proposal. It’s a relevant skill for everyone.

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Chili Peppers to the rescue!

Hot for your health!

Power Benefits:

  • Reduce Weight
  • Prevent cancer from spreading
  • Clear sinuses and relieve congestion
  • Stop ulcers from forming

Hot Healing Doctor!

So not everyone is a fan of Chili peppers but there are plenty who savor the hot flavor in every bite.

These red hot peppers are not just considered a spice for flavoring your dishes. They are reputed to have great healing power for our health.

Historically, hot chili peppers has been known to be a natural remedy for many common illnesses: coughs, colds, sinus congestion and bronchitis.

Evidence from research has shown that it can even prohibit the growth of stomach ulcers! Other aggregated research has shown to indicate that chili peppers may help you lose weight and prohibit cancer cells in its track.

Weight Loss Miracle?

Did you know that consuming chili peppers may provide three shields for our weight obsessed society?

First of all, consuming chili pepper helps fight off cravings for more food. The intensity of the hot taste can overstimulate the taste buds, which in turn cuts off cravings. The brain sends signal to the hypothalamus to stop eating more. This will help curb over-eating leading to better weight loss management. So trick your mind into thinking you’re full by adding a little chili pepper in your taste bud.

Secondly, consuming chili peppers actually helps you eat less. A study from Dutch scientist followed 12 men that gave them 0.9 gram of fine powder chili pepper in a pill form or mixed into a fruit beverage. Half an hour later, they set these 12 men into an all you can eat buffet and found the following result: They discover that those who took the chili pepper ate less by 10-15% when compared to the placebo group.

Lastly, the body requires energy to actually eat the hot chili pepper. yes, you got it! We actually burn calories as we eat them. The heat and sweat that you see dripping on our faces when you munch of chili peppers actually indicates calories been burned in our system. This also means that it flushes out toxins that’s being stored in our cells.

Potential cure for cancer?

Studies conducted by the University of Pittsburgh discovered that the compound called capsaicin, known to be causing the ‘heat’ when consumed found that it actually kills pancreatic cancer cells injected into mice through a process known as apoptosis. Mind you that pancreatic cell is one of the most deadliest aggressive cancer cell, considered the 5th leading cause of death related to cancer in the U.S.A

Moreover, good news or men with prostate cancer concerns. Study found. Research scholars at University of California, School of Medicine, found that capsaicin stops the spread of prostate cancer cells. They gave animals with prostate tumour and fed them capsaicin 3 times a week. After only a month, the growth and size had decreased significantly.

Sizzle down a cold!

The compound that helps clear our congestion is attributed to Capsaicin, the ‘heat’ factor in chili peppers and other hot peppers. Did you know that capsaicin  is quite similar to a drug name called guaifenesin, often found in OTC  and cold medicines? So in short, chili peppers are an all natural decongestant and expectorant.

Studies conducted in Korea found that consuming capsaicin actually affects the immune system. They found that mice that were fed a daily dose of capsaicin had three times more antibodies cells after 3 weeks. In humans, this translates to fewer colds and infection, and faster recuperation from such illnesses.

Tip from Chili Pepper Institute:

When you are feeling ill and a cup of chicken soup is offered to you, try adding a few drops of hot chili pepper sauce to experience immediate relief from sinuses and congestion.

Heart and Stomach:

Consuming peppers can decrease your chance of developing heart disease. How? Well, capsaicin stimulate circulation of the blood thereby prevents clotting that could potentially lead to heart attacks and strokes.

Experiments carried out by Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research found that capsaicin realign dangerous heart-rhythm disturbances, lower blood pressure, and improve blood flow to the heart.

Amazingly, studies also discovered that it helps lower cholesterol levels in turkeys. Similiarly to humans, turkeys tend to develop hardening of the arteries that contributes to cardiac problems.

Myth Bustinng Chili Pepper!

You might have heard about people advising others to not eat spicy food if they are prone to ulcers, particularly stomach ulcers. Current research now indicates that chili peppers might actually help stop ulcers from arising.

They noticed that the capsaicin stimulates the stomach lining through a secretion of protective digestive juices, thereby eradicating ulcer-causing bacterias from forming.

Loaded with hot vitamins!

Consuming hot chili pepper into your diet may stop your anti-aging clock. They are a great source of antioxidants like Vitamin C and beta-carotene. As mentioned before, they help fight free radicals that causes cell damage. One red chili contains 3 mg of beta-carotene, approximately 30-50%, exceeding the recommended dosage.  Chili peppers will help  curb cancer and heart diseases from flourishing in our body.

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Buckwheat beats cancer!

White Organic Buckwheat

Buckwheat Soba Noodle

Power Benefits:

  • Inhibits cancer and heart disease
  • Control diabetes
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • Source of protein, minerals and Vitamin B

Buckwheat is not popular in North America. One of the most common places to find buckwheat is in the Soba Noodles in Japanese restaurant. That’s because buckwheat is actually really popular in Japan and may account for the amazingly low incidences of cancer in Japan.

Buckwheat is in fact not a grain, but it’s a seed from a plant closely related to rhubarb.

Double Protection:

Buckwheat contains numerous amount of flavonoids that studies has found to block cancer from advancing onwards. These two compounds called quercetin and rutin may help hinder the growth of cancer cells. These two substances help combat cancer by stopping cancer polluted cells from attaching on to healthy cells. Even if they do, it may help reduce the genetic make up of the cell. Japanese found that buckwheat is especially helpful in thwarting colon and breast cancer in rats.


Most people are not allergic to buckwheat but a caveat must be in place for those who might be allergic to buckwheat. It might cause red eyes, runny nose, asthma, and rarely but possibly anaphylactic shock. Please consult with your doctor about consuming buckwheat and for possible allergic reactions to it.

Maintain smooth blood flow:

The rutin compound found in buckwheat offers another protective role in our blood system. The rutin helps prevent platelets, a substance in the blood that often contributes to the clotting of blood. So rutin obstruct them from sticking together and clotting your arteries. Moreover, rutin helps stabilizes blood vessels and lower blood pressure to ensure protection against heart disease.

The combination of flavonoids and Vitamin E are beneficial as found in buckwheat. Vitamin E is fat soluble and therefore can obstruct and prevent free radicals within the fatty lipid parts of the cell. As well, the flavonoids, are water soluble and therefore they attack the watery portion of the cell for double bond protection.

Buckwheat high on Protein:

So for those cutting back on meat and thinking of alternative substitutes for meat, buckwheat saves the day! It is the most famous grain that provides the highest amount of protein. It also assist in lowering cholesterol as well. An experiment with animals being fed buckwheat protein indicated significantly lower cholesterol levels than their non-buckwheat fed animals.

As if there’s not enough good things to say about buckwheat, they also contain magnesium, manganese but also zinc and copper, essential vitamins and minerals for our health.

Buckwheat for your digestion:

Buckwheat has show to help control blood sugar levels with diabetes type 2.  Two carbs known as amylose and amylopectine found in buckwheat are digested more gradually than other types of carbs. This propels the blood sugar levels to rise more evenly. Keeping blood sugar level in a balanced mode help reduces complications of diabetes such as kidney damage.

The great thing about buckwheat is that it helps you feel satiated and full, which makes you eat less and this ultimately leads to better weight control.

Celiac disease: it’s a serious intestinal problem that occurs in people sensitive to gluten. Good news is buckwheat is free of gluten, so you can eat it and get all the benefits and essential nutrients.

Buckwheat B Vitamins:

Buckwheat provide a great source of B Vitamins. They contain a third of niacin, B6 and thiamin. Niacin and thiamin convert your food into energy for your body. B6 helps regulate hemoglobin in your red blood cells that carries the oxygen in our blood, building a healthy immune system and nervous system.

Finally, as with any health advice, always consult your doctor for your own personalized recommendation.

The information provided was to assist you in making better informed decision about your own health and nutrition.  it is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your doctor. If you suspect any medical problems, please consult a competent medical professional for help and advice.

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Artichokes Wonders


Power Benefits:

  • Source of antioxidants
  • Protective of heart health

This pointy plant surrounded by pointy, green petals known as “bracts” which protects the center called the “choke” containing heart of the artichoke. The juicy part of the petals can be eaten as well as the heart of the “choke”

If you tend to overlook this exotic looking plant, then you should continue reading on.  Artichokes contain an arsenal of powerful anti-oxidants!  According to a survey on popular foods by the Norwegian and American researchers found that artichokes ranked in the TOP 50 for the food that raked in the highest amount of antioxidant content per 100 grams of food.

Further studies measured the anti-oxidants levels in over 100 foods. Guess what? They found that artichoke surpasses the greatest amount of antioxidant capacity per serving size, scoring higher than peppers, apples, blackberries, cherries, plums and strawberries. Mind you that these aforementioned fruits are an antioxidant arsenal in themselves.

So if you are looking for a new produce packed with antioxidants, you should consider this unconventional edible plant. It might seem very complicated to cook this little gems, but there are recipes available online. Simply google for artichoke recipes.  The easiest way to consume it is to cut off the pointy tips, fill a pot halfway with water and let it simmer for 25-30 minutes. You can also steam them if you prefer, covered with the lid on. You know it’s cooked when you can easily pluck the center petal. To eat the petals, use your teeth to extract the tiny tender flesh in the petals. Once all the petals are gone, it’s time to eat the tender heart or centre of the Artichoke. Be sure to discard the hairy layer of the ‘choke’.

Arti-Choke-ful of Fibers!

Most North Americans are accustomed to getting take-outs that they often don’t consume significant amount of super foods that we’ve been talking about. The heart of the matter is that most people don’t consume enough fibers in their diets. Now, you might wonder why it’s necessary to eat fibers when it in fact it has no nutritional value. But if you are currently having a hard time executing a smooth bowel movement or always feel constipated, then it’s time to add some fiber to your diet ASAP! Fibers when consumed are then attached to the stool, which facilitates smooth excretion of our bodily wastes. It also helps flush out the toxins and cholesterol  that are stubbornly sitting in the intestinal tract. It’s essential to get fibers due to the prevention o f high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure and high blood sugar and most importantly colon cancer.

A medium sized artichokes contains 6 grams of fibers, fulfilling a quarter of your daily value needs. The heart of the artichoke provides plenty of fiber if you forgo eating the petals. The recommended daily value intake of fiber is 25 grams per day.

Furthermore, artichokes provide magnesium, which is found to assist in controlling high blood pressure. This mineral is also important in maintaining a smooth function of our muscles as well as decreasing the chance of developing arrhythmia, an abnormal cardiac rhythm that’s potentially deadly. Research has shown that 20-35% of the people with heart failure has very low trace of magnesium in their system.

A medium sized artichoke contains 72 mg of magnesium.

Artichokes for pregnant women:

According to the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, up to 70% of birth defect called neural tube defect may have been avoided if pregnant women had consumed enough folic acid before and during the entire pregnancy period.  Another common defect is called Spina bifida whereby the baby’s spine does not develop properly.Doctors usually recommends folate supplement pill for those who are pregnant. But why not get the folate from a fresh and healthy source such as Artichoke.

The good news is that artichioke contains folate, related to Vitamin B which is crucial for fetal development. Another name that’s synonymous to Folate is folic acid, often found in supplements or in fortified foods.

If you’re not pregnant, consuming folate is also essential for the smooth function of nerves and in protecting against cardiovascular diseases. Did you know that folate and vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12  helps dissolve homocysteine, an amino acid in our blood. The American Heart Association found that homocysteine is related to higher risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. It is recommended to consume at least 400 micrograms of folate, but it is considered one of the most common vitamin deficiencies in North America.  Folate is also found in veggies like okra and spinach. A medium artichoke contains 60 micrograms of folate, providing 15% of the daily value needs.

Artichokeful of C’s

Artichokes are a great source of Vitamin C as well. it prohibits free radicals before they become destructive to our healthy cells. It also helps us build immunity against diseases and maintain healthy skin. One medium sized artichoke contains 12 milligram of Vitamin C

Finally, as with any health advice, always consult your doctor for your own personalized recommendation.

The information provided was to assist you in making better informed decision about your own health and nutrition.  it is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your doctor. If you suspect any medical problems, please consult a competent medical professional for help and advice.

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Apricots: the way to your healthy heart


Apricots, the fruit that often gets mistaken for a peach. Clearly, it resembles a peach but with deeper inspection, you realize it’s much smaller, sweeter and softer than a typical peach.

History tidbit: Did you know that the Chinese were the first to have cultivated this fruit around 4000 years ago? Never would have thought of that right?

Nowadays, they are readily available in Europe, Africa, North American, and Australia.

The significance of this fruit is in its varied carotenoid content. Carotenoids are the pigments that make up our colourful fruits and vegetable. When consumed by humans, they have healthy beneficial effects on our body. And apricots contain the most powerful carotenoid; beta carotene.

Apricot for the Heart:

Apricots are heart disease warriors. Besides the significant amount of beta-carotene, they also contain lycopene. Both these compounds in scientific research has shown to combat against the oxidization of the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) which makes free radicals rampant and that means the onset of atherosclerosis: a condition whereby arteries are narrowed and stiffened blocking blood supply to your heart, and other various organs.

A study from Japan studied and followed more than 3000 men and women for more than a decade and found that high intake of carotenoids such as beta-carotene and lycopene were much less likely to be inflicted with cardiovascular diseases.

Once again, an American study that followed 73,000 American women over 12 years discovered that those who consumed the most beta- and alpha-carotene led to significantly less chance of developing coronary artery disease

Lastly, a study of 5000 Dutch men and women for 4 years found that those who consumed the most beta-carotene in their diets has a significantly lower chance of heart attacks.

Apricot for the Eyes:

Each time lightwaves transfer through the eyes,  it provokes the release of destructive damaging free radicals to deteriorate the soft tissues in the eyes. Without taking good care of your eye health, you are potentially on the path to failing eyes, especially the onset of cataracts. These free radicals target the tiny blood vessels central to the retinas known as ‘maculas.’ With restricted blood vessels, this can ultimately lead to the most common loss of vision in seniors called Macular Degeneration. Apricots contains beta-corotene which is later converted to Vitamin A in the body. Vitamina A is a powerhouse compound that blocks the effect of free radicals. A study on 50,000 nurses found that those who consumed the most Vitamin A reduce their risk of cataracts by 33%. Three small apricots provides 55% of the daily value of Vitamin A

Fibers for Life via apricots:

Apricots contains a high amount of healthy fiber. 3 little apricots contain 3 gram of fiber, 12% of the daily Value at less than 50 calories. High fiber fruits helps you maintain a healthy weight, balanced blood sugar and lower high cholesterol levels. Most importantly, they help you maintain a healthy bowel movement , cleansing your colon to rid of unwanted toxins.

Finally, as with any health advice, always consult your doctor for your own personalized recommendation.

The information provided was to assist you in making better informed decision about your own health and nutrition.  it is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your doctor. If you suspect any medical problems, please consult a competent medical professional for help and advice.

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