Joints Range of Motion Lecture 3


Range of motion of the joints:

T.M.J: Temporal Mandibular Joint:

  1. Depression

  2. Elevation

  3. Protraction

  4. Retraction

  5. Left Deviation

  6. Right Deviation

Cervical Spine: (head/neck)

6 motions: only the neck and head.

  1. Flexion

  2. Extension

  3. Left Side Bend

  4. Right Side Bend

  5. Left Rotation

  6. Right Rotation

*Remember Client Care: must protect the clients when doing lumbar assessment.

RMT priority:

1: Safety-Reduce the risk

2: Effectiveness

3: Always protect your client.

For example: “Can you stand while you perform these motions?”

Show client care by assisting them.

Thoracic Spine:

Subtle 6 motions.

Lumbar R.O.M:

6 motions

Knee R.O.M:

Flexion= Open


  • when knees are open, can rotate medially, laterally.

Ankle: R.O.M:

  1. Plantar Flexion

  2. Dorsal flexion

  3. Inversion (inwards)

  4. Eversion (outwards)

Shoulders Joints: Must perform full range of motion: Do you feel pain/numbness?

Hands up—lateral rotation

Hands cuffs—medial rotation

  1. Flexion

  2. Extension

  3. Adduction

  4. Abduction

  5. Medial rotation

  6. Lateral rotation

  7. Horizontal adduction

  8. Horizontal abduction.

Elbow: R.O.M

  1. Flexion

  2. Extension

  3. Pronation

  4. Supination

Wrist: ROM:

  1. Flexion

  2. Extension

  3. Medial Deviation-Adduction

  4. Lateral Deviation-Abduction

Thumb: ROM:

  1. Flexion

  2. Extension

  3. Adduction

  4. Abduction

  5. Opposition

Massage benefits; offers relaxation, improve muscle health, improve range of motion, reduce fascia tension, improve circulation

Range the motion: is part of the assessment.

Skin pathology: some are contagious, should be aware.


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