Anatomy: Lecture 2: Anatomical Orientations/Directions/ Locations


Body Planes (Anatomical Directons)



1: Saggital Plane: Separates the body into the Right Side and Left Side. *Numerous planes available.



Mid Saggital: Equal/Balanced of the left and right side from the middle



2: Coronary Plane: Or Frontal plane: numerous planes available.


*no equal symmetry for this plane. Separates the body into the front (anterior) and back (posterior).



3: Transverse Plane: Contains superior/inferior (upper half, lower half).





Direction: Anterior to _________, Posterior to _________



Example: The nose is anterior to my ears. The ears are posterior to the nose.





Superior ~ to Upper…


Inferior~ to Lower…



Superficial: Close to the skin/surface



Deep: Close to the deeper layers.



Distal: Far away from the main mass/body trunk.



Proximal: Closer to the main mass or body trunk of the trunk.



*Any structure close to the middle of the body, we call it MEDIAL: midline of the body.



Cephalic: Towards the head, similar to Superior.



Caudal: Towards the tail/back, similar to Inferior.



Ventral: Anterior



Dorsal: Posterior.



  • Example: Please perform the manual lymphatic cephalically.




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