Massage Therapy Notes: Muscles of the face

Muscles of the face are innervated by the Cranial Nerve #7 or in Roman numeral IV.

* Cranial Nerves, also known as Facial nerves contains 12 pairs.

1: Corrugator Supercilli

Latin: Wrinkler above eyelashes

Refers to the vertical wrinkle forehead innervated by the facial nerve.

2: Obicularis Oris:

Latin: Little circles(Obicularis) around  (Oris)mouth.

Muscle of the mouth in a circular  form.

Function: open, close, kiss, eat, whistle, speak. so forth.

3: Zygomaticus Minor and Major:

Function: The smiling muscle.

Latin: Minor= lesser, Major= greater: Hence The major or lesser muscle of the Zygomatic bone.

Some muscles works in synergistic manners such as Zygomaticus minor and major with another muscle.

*The synergists for this the zygomaticus minor/ major muscle is the RISORIUS MUSCLE.

4: Risorious:

Function: Smiling muscle.

The antagonist muscle for Risorius is the Depressor Anguli Oris.

5: Lavator Labii Superiorius:

Function: Upper lip elevation

N: Facial nerve 7.

6: Depressor Labii Inferious

Function: Lower lip depression

Nerve: Facial Nerve 7

7: Depressor Anguli Oris:

Function: Facial expressions of sadness or depression. AKA: Tragedy Mark.

*Antagonist Muscles of both Zygomaticus minor and major, and Risorious muscle.

8: Orbicularis Oculi:

Latin: Little circles around the eyes.

Function: Muscles that surround the eyes to help you close and open your eyes. Creates the wrinkles around your eyes.

9: Mentalis:

Latin: meaning chin.

Function: wrinkle of the Chin.

10: Buccinator:

Latin: Trumpeter muscle (muscle used in blowing).

Function: sucking, swallowing, biting, holding foo dint he mouth.

3 characteristics:

1: Side wall of oral cavity

2: Sucking muscle, especially important during infancy

3: Trampoline-like muscle.

11: Platysma:

Latin: “Wide”, thin, flat muscle

Function: Creates tension of the neck, depression of the lower mandible.

N: Facial Nerve #7.


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