Latin Names and Translation for easy understanding of muscles in the body

Latin names of muscles:

Opponens: Opposite

Minimi= Small/ Least

Digiti==pointing things. i.e. Fingers/Toes

Palmaris= Palm/flat of the hand

Pronator= turns downwards

Supinator= Turns upwards, i.e cupping

Quadratus= square muscles

Teres= Round

Biceps= Two headed muscles

Triceps= Three headed muscles

Quadriceps= Four headed muscles.

Brevis= Short

Longus= Long

Abductor= Abducts, pull away or taken away, i.e. Kidnap the muscle away

Adductor= adducts, to bring back together, to come closer together,

Pollicis= Thumb

Hallucis= Big toe

Brachii= Arm, related to the arm

Brachialis= Muscle of the arm

Deltoid= triangle=like shaped muscle

Buccinator= Trumpeter muscle..i.e blowing the trumpet

Anguli= Corner of…..i.e Corner of the mouth

Oris= Mouth

Depressor= Depresses, press down

Levator= elevate, to lift up

Labii= Lip

Superiorius= Upper

Inferiorius= Lower

Omo= Shoulder

Hyoid= Hyoid bone

Sternocleidomastoid= Muscle that connects the sternum, clavicle, mastoid process

Zygomaticus= yoke-shaped

Major= Greater

Minor= Lesser

Femoris= Thigh

Gastrocnemius= Belly muscle of calf

Gracilis= slender muscle. I.e Graceful and Slender muscle.

Peroneus= Pointed bone. Same as Fibularis Longus

Fibularis= pointed bone. Same as peroneus bone. Hence, Fibularis Longus is easier to understand since the muscle is attached to the fibula.

Cervicis= Neck

Capitis= Head

Trapezius= Four sided muscle

Carpi= Wrist

Piriformis= Pear shaped

Abdominis= belly muscle

Masseter = Chewer muscle

Psoas= Loin

Rectus= Straight

Soleus= sandal muscle, sole of the foot

Vastus= Enormous

Medialis= middle

Lateralis= Side

Intermedius= In-between the middle

Latissimus= Broadest

Dorsi= Back

Splenius= bandage

Rhomboid= Parallelogram shaped muscle.

Pectoralis= breast muscle



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