Buckwheat beats cancer!

White Organic Buckwheat

Buckwheat Soba Noodle

Power Benefits:

  • Inhibits cancer and heart disease
  • Control diabetes
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • Source of protein, minerals and Vitamin B

Buckwheat is not popular in North America. One of the most common places to find buckwheat is in the Soba Noodles in Japanese restaurant. That’s because buckwheat is actually really popular in Japan and may account for the amazingly low incidences of cancer in Japan.

Buckwheat is in fact not a grain, but it’s a seed from a plant closely related to rhubarb.

Double Protection:

Buckwheat contains numerous amount of flavonoids that studies has found to block cancer from advancing onwards. These two compounds called quercetin and rutin may help hinder the growth of cancer cells. These two substances help combat cancer by stopping cancer polluted cells from attaching on to healthy cells. Even if they do, it may help reduce the genetic make up of the cell. Japanese found that buckwheat is especially helpful in thwarting colon and breast cancer in rats.


Most people are not allergic to buckwheat but a caveat must be in place for those who might be allergic to buckwheat. It might cause red eyes, runny nose, asthma, and rarely but possibly anaphylactic shock. Please consult with your doctor about consuming buckwheat and for possible allergic reactions to it.

Maintain smooth blood flow:

The rutin compound found in buckwheat offers another protective role in our blood system. The rutin helps prevent platelets, a substance in the blood that often contributes to the clotting of blood. So rutin obstruct them from sticking together and clotting your arteries. Moreover, rutin helps stabilizes blood vessels and lower blood pressure to ensure protection against heart disease.

The combination of flavonoids and Vitamin E are beneficial as found in buckwheat. Vitamin E is fat soluble and therefore can obstruct and prevent free radicals within the fatty lipid parts of the cell. As well, the flavonoids, are water soluble and therefore they attack the watery portion of the cell for double bond protection.

Buckwheat high on Protein:

So for those cutting back on meat and thinking of alternative substitutes for meat, buckwheat saves the day! It is the most famous grain that provides the highest amount of protein. It also assist in lowering cholesterol as well. An experiment with animals being fed buckwheat protein indicated significantly lower cholesterol levels than their non-buckwheat fed animals.

As if there’s not enough good things to say about buckwheat, they also contain magnesium, manganese but also zinc and copper, essential vitamins and minerals for our health.

Buckwheat for your digestion:

Buckwheat has show to help control blood sugar levels with diabetes type 2.  Two carbs known as amylose and amylopectine found in buckwheat are digested more gradually than other types of carbs. This propels the blood sugar levels to rise more evenly. Keeping blood sugar level in a balanced mode help reduces complications of diabetes such as kidney damage.

The great thing about buckwheat is that it helps you feel satiated and full, which makes you eat less and this ultimately leads to better weight control.

Celiac disease: it’s a serious intestinal problem that occurs in people sensitive to gluten. Good news is buckwheat is free of gluten, so you can eat it and get all the benefits and essential nutrients.

Buckwheat B Vitamins:

Buckwheat provide a great source of B Vitamins. They contain a third of niacin, B6 and thiamin. Niacin and thiamin convert your food into energy for your body. B6 helps regulate hemoglobin in your red blood cells that carries the oxygen in our blood, building a healthy immune system and nervous system.

Finally, as with any health advice, always consult your doctor for your own personalized recommendation.

The information provided was to assist you in making better informed decision about your own health and nutrition.  it is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your doctor. If you suspect any medical problems, please consult a competent medical professional for help and advice.


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