Tips to longevity or extending your lifespan to 100

Have you heard about about a special group of people who joins a really unusual rank? If the title of this article didn’t provide enough hints, well, drum rolls please!

Yes, these are a special group of people because they’ve reached the ripe old age of 100. Also known as centenarians, these group of people are unheard of  50-100 years ago.  So how do they do it?  Let’s find out!

Now, most of us won’t expect to reach 100, we are lucky if we reach our late seventies or eighties, on average of course with many factors thrown in for measure.

We are living longer due to great advances in our modern medical discoveries and prevalence of highly nutritious food everywhere! Of course, we are talking mainly about developed countries where food is abundant.

Scientist are searching out how our bodies deteriorate and methods we can do to put a stop to our eventual demise. Sounds really scary right? Well, it doesn’t have to be!

Scientists have already provided many clues and clear cut methods to help increase our life span in the new millennium.

Clue #1: The healing source of ANTIOXIDANTS!

We have all heard of this one before!

Anti-Oxidants: what does it mean? Well, if we break down the word ANTI- and OXIDANT: we have “Anti”which means something that goes against something, in this case, we want to go against Oxidization of our precious cells.

Oxidants: or rather Oxidation is the slow damaging process or the slow deterioration of our healthy cells or molecules that breaks down the original molecule formation,  making them wacky and crazy that leads to stealing electrons from other healthy molecules. As this continues, we call them free radicals that attacks healthy cells to latch on to, this is potentially the onset for all sorts of cancer to develop.

Do you know what Oxidation does to your body? It makes us vulnerable to the following:

  • Wrinkles, crow feet, sagging skin
  • lost of collagen
  • arthritis
  • heart disease
  • cancer
  • and many many ailments associated with general aging without the essential healing power of Anti-Oxidants due to poor diet, poor nutritional, lack of exercise

So the same oxygen that gives us life, also deteriorates us. See how iron turns to rust? See how apples turn brown? So how it break down our cells and ages us?  This is called Oxidation. For more information, please do more research in scientific terms how it really breaks down the molecules or cells in our bodies. For now, let’s imagine a oxygen cell with four interconnecting chains or electrons. Let’s imagine now that this four interconnecting chain or electrons are ripped apart due to oxidation. As the chain or  electrons are ripped apart, they become unstable. These unstable electrons are now referred to as free radicals because they are frantically trying to stabilize themselves, and in doing so, they pull other healthy oxygen cells apart. So every time one healthy cell is ripped apart, they steal from other new healthy cells, therefore more free radicals are conceived.

Free radicals distort and damage your original healthy genetic codes which disturbs the normal process and accelerates the aging process.

For Now:

To de-accelerate this aging process, mother nature offers an abundance of anti-oxidant , which are microscopic substances in foods that can prevent free radicals from attacking other healthy cells by offering electrons to these radical cells, so that no more healthy cells are ripped apart.

3 Famous Anti-Oxidant Superstars:

So these are the  most well known anti-oxidants and the ones that are consumed the most by the general population.

1: Vitamin A or Beta-Carotene: Experts recommend that you get it straight from the fresh source instead of the bottle. Obtaining Vitamin A from eating fresh fruits and vegetables may offer the best combination to synergize with your immune system against attacks.

2: Vitamin C: Best obtained from a class of orange, grapefruit or lemon juice. Supplements are perfectly fine, but remember to get it from the freshest source

3: Vitamin E: It’s mainly found in high-fat foods so it’s best to stick with vitamin E supplements. However you can find a substantial amount of vitamin in roasted almonds, remember to skip the salt. 1 ounce of roasted almonds offers 40% of the Daily Value of Vitamin E. It is available in most nuts and some cereal brands offer 100% Vitamin E for your daily needs.

Aside from the 3 famous vitamins, most colorful greens, fruits and vegetables contains what we call PHYTOCHEMICALS, which has anti-oxidant abilities as well.

So the best combination are anti-oxidants plus phytochemical extracts to provide you with an arsenal of cancer-inhibiting weapons in our bodies.

Eating As We Age:

Although it’s recommended that you eat healthy, experts also recommend us to change and adjust our eating routine according to our age. As we grow older, our nutritional needs increases dramatically.

A few things happens as we age as stated by Susan A. Nitzke, PhD, RD, Professor at University of Wisconsin in Madison

1: Saliva production decreases as we grow older, and slows down swallowing reflexes, so it’s not easy to swallow or digest our foods.

2: Changes in particular taste and appetite will happen, and we tend to consume less.

3: Stomach acid production decreases, and maybe interfere with food digestion and absorbs nutrient less efficiently.

Did you know that nutritional deficiencies in older people can even be misdiagnosed as dementia?

For examples, Vitamin B12 is important in cleansing our blood in our system and for proper functioning nerves.  So when inadequate amounts of stomach acid exists, absorption of Vitamin B12 declines gradually. People who uses antacids have the most complication in absorbing Vitamin B12.

Clams: one steamed clam contains 9 micrograms of vitamin B12, exceeding the daily value.

Those who are over the age of 50 or more tend to be deficient in Vitamin B6.  Potatoes and chickpeas are great for supplementing B6. A baked potato provides 0.6mg, 1/3 of the Daily Value. As well, a cup of chickpeas contains 1.1 mg or 1/2 of the DailyValue.

Folate:  Found mostly in green leafy vegetables, beans, and whole grains. A can of pinto beans has 144 micrograms and and a fresh cup of asparagus contains 263 micrograms of folate.

Bones: as we get older, our bones begins to weaken so it’s essential get enough calcium and vitamin D to avoid the onset of osteoporosis.

Experts recommend that you can always eat a moderate amount of dairy without complications, even if you are lactose intolerant. In particular, you can eat consume some low-fat and fat free skim milk, cheese, and yogurt as they are the best source of calcium.

Iron: People usually struggle to get enough iron, some get too much or some get too little. Women’s need for iron decreases as they approach menopausal period.

Always consult with your doctors to see if you are not getting inadequate amount of certain vitamins such as iron, calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12.

Now, for the craziest finding: to live longer, you must eat less.

It might sound crazy since I’d been suggesting along that you must eat more of a certain food to live longer. However, researchers has shown that a calorie diet or calorie “restriction” actually extends your lifespan and helps combat the aging processes and its related ailments and diseases.

Research by Louisiana State University monitored 48 people for half a year as they were instructed to follow either a normal diet or a calorie-restricted diet. They found that the people from the calorie restricted diet group lowered their insulin levels and their body temperatures, both markers of longevity.

However, experts warns that you shouldn’t go to extreme measure to restrict your diet, which can in turn leave you malnourished and causes other unwanted ailments. So for now, eat enough nutritious food without the extra calories by skipping such things out like sodas and chips.

Finally, as with any health advice, always consult your doctor for your own personalized recommendation.

The information provided was to assist you in making better informed decision about your own health and nutrition.  it is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your doctor. If you suspect any medical problems, please consult a competent medical professional for help and advice.

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