Lesson 12 Period 2 Will you help me please? Korean Elementary School Lesson Plan

1: Will you help me please EBSE video
2: Questions/Answers, Greetings/ How are you doing?
3: PPT: with missing sentences/words and includes responses to questions. Please check the ppt. The game at the end of the class will use this slide again.
4: Cd Rom. Pg. 142. Listen and Speak. Look and Speak.
5: Game: Speedy Match and Speak Game:

1: Each student will get a card. These cards are printed from the ppt mentioned above. 30 cards in total

2: 2 Students will get the same card for the entire class. 15/15 Match.

3:At the front of the class will be objects for the student to match and grab: There will be a plate, a box, a broom/dustpan, bag of bread, homework booklet, chopsticks, heavy books, papers to make airplane/boat, table.

For example: On the ppt we see “Will you help me do the dishes” and the 2 students with the DISHES cards will run to the front of the class. They will grab the matching objects (in this case, they will grab the “DISH”) and Speak the correct sentences. The student who made the correct sentence and have the object wins 5 points.

4: If the student can’t read the card or they don’t remember, they can ask the teacher  or their friends “WILL YOU HELP ME PLEASE” and we say “SURE” or “NO PROBLEM” and so forth. Student will Listen and repeat. The student still get 2 points for trying.

5: The whole class will repeat after the winner who made the sentences.

**: some cards have missing words

*** some cards have full sentences.

****some cards need a response (happy face and sad face), so the two student at the front will do role play and win 10 points. “Will you help me do the dishes” and with happy face “No problem”

Please take a look at the ppt.

All the materials (objects) gathered for this lesson.


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