Korean Grade 6 Elementary School Writing/Speaking contest

June Kang Review: Nonsan Contest Preparation.


Lesson 1: Where are you from?

Where are you from? I’m from {Canada/ The U.S.A/Korea/China/Japan/England/Vietnam}

Expressions: Where’s your classroom? It’s on the ____ floor. [first, second, third, fourth, fifth]

Words: clothes, cool, country, different, dirty, elementary, floor, machine, never, parent, part, team.


Lesson 2: Is this York street?

Is this _____street? It’s behind the _______ {post office, hospital, bank, school, library, restaurant, bus stop, bookstore}


1) Excuse me, where is the_____/ Is this the _____?  

2).Go straight and turn right at the corner/Go straight and turn left at the corner

3).Turn right at the corner/Turn left at the corner/

It’s between the ____ and the _____/

It’s behind the ____

It’s in front of the ____.

4). Sure/Sorry, I don’t know.

5).Go straight [one block, two blocks, three blocks]. It’s on your right, it’s on your left.

Words: Ask, behind, between, bookstore, build, corner, dry, everyday, front, hard , main, near, post office, sir, smell, sock, space, street.


Lesson 3: Do you like spring?

I like summer. How’s it going? Not bad.


1).How’s it going? / How about you?

2). I don’t like____/Do you like ______?{fall, winter, summer, spring}/

3).It’s ____{hot, cool, cold, warm, windy, rainy, snowy.}

4).I go swimming in the summer/ Flowers are everywhere/Leaves are beautiful/I can make a snowman/ We have a long winter vacation]

Spring: It’s nice and warm. It’s too windy. 

Summer: It’s too hot. We have a long vacation. We can go swimming

Fall/Autumn: It’s cool. We have Chuseok in the fall.

Winter: It snows. It’s cold. We have Christmas. I can make a snowman. We have a long winter vacation.

Words: Answer, fall, season, spring, vacation, warm, wind.


Lesson 4: When is your birthday?

It’s on Chuseok/ It’s in March. I don’t think so.


1). When’s your birthday? My birthday is in ____/ When is yours___? It’s in ____.

2). Months: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

3). Ordinal numbers: First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, eleventh, twelfth.

2) When is your birthday, Nami? It’s September 10th. When is yours? Pardon?

3). When is your ____ (violin concert, soccer ball, piano concert, baseball game)

4). My birthday is in ____. When is your birthday? It’s April _____. Excuse me? I got a __ (bike, new desk, computer).

New words: Another, away, date, interesting, life, lucky, march, month, only, present, same, think, when write.


Lesson 5: May I help you?

Expressions: It’s too expensive! How about that yellow one?  I’ll take it. Here’s your change.

May I help you? Yes, please. How much is this _____? It’s ____dollars. Ok, I’ll take it.

Can I help you? Here you are. Here’s your change. What’s that? It’s a /an________.

Look at this!  This is for you.

New words: Band, change, expensive, sudden, toy, cheap.


Lesson 6: Can I have some water?

Expressions: it’s twelve o’clock. Let’s have lunch/it’s time for lunch. Me, too.  Sure, here you are. Thankyou. Yes, please/ No, thanks. I have no idea. Try this. It’s delicious.

Can I have a hamburger?. I’m hungry. I’m thirsty.

How kind of you! Can I have a bottle of water. Can I have some rice. Can I have an apple. May I have a some strawberries? May I have some more water?

New words: Bread, daughter, drop, dry, fry, point, tear, thirsty, wool.


Lesson 7: My father is a pilot.


Does your mother/father work? Yes, she does. She is a ______

I want to be a ___ {teacher, police officer, singer, dancer}. Who is this? This is my father. Who is that? That is my mother. Is this your father? Yes, it is. Does your sister work? Yes, she does/he does.

My father is a soldier. He is a good cook. My mother is a pianist. She is very nice. My brother is a cook. He is a good singer, too. Do you want to be a pianist? Not really. I want to be a doctor.  Wow that’s great.

New words: Because, check, dentist, drive, firefighter, food, give, heal, mark, often, pilot,


Lesson 8: What will you do this summer?


What will you do? I will visit my uncle, I will read books. I will play soccer.

What will you do? I will ______. Really? That’s great. Is that all? How about you?

New words: angry, grandmother, grandparents, hope, Mount, trip.

Lesson 9: How was your vacation?


How was your vacation? It was great. I visited my grandparents. I played the piano.

How was your vacation? It was great/good. It was not fun. I visited________. How was your vacation/holiday/weekend? What did you do there? I went to a museum with my cousins. I went camping but it rained all day.

New words: again, bark, goldfish, into, learn, meow, talk, strange.


Lesson 10: I’m stronger than you.


I’m taller than you.  What a surprise.

I’m longer/shorter/stronger/weaker/faster/slower/bigger/smaller/taller/shorter/heavier/lighter/

I am ________-er than you. He is taller than nami. She is prettier than jinho.

Nami is older than Jinho. Jinho is younger than Nami.

Nami is more beautiful than Jin-a.. Jina is less beautiful than Nami. More interesting. Less interesting. My ruler is longer than yours. Your ruler is shorter than mine.

New words: New, young.


Lesson 11: What do you want to do?


 What do you want to do? I want to sing/dance/play the piano/cook/swim/take a shower/do a musical/have a party. I don’t want to sing. How about you? What do you want to do for mom? I want to make a card. How about you? I want to cook for mom.

Sounds good. What do they want to do? What does she/he want to do? They want to play soccer. She wants to sing. He wants to dance.










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