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To whom it may concern:

I’d been really busy lately. I am feeling burnt out lately. Perhaps due to an ‘active’ social life now or just filling my itineraries with a pack schedule? 😉

It does feel good to be on my toes, busy and happy. yet I am very exhausted from all the walking, so mainly a physical exhaustion that needs to time to heal and restore. I don’t think i had a quality night sleep in a long time. My mind is always wandering off to somewhere, someplace. And not forgetting that fact that I simply don’t sleep on time when i’m up 2 or 4 am at a Sauna with my friends or dancing the night away.

I feel rather old now, I used to be able to dance all night long but since I graduated from York, I begin to yawn at 12am. So I try to dance as early as I can to maximize my time.

First off, my summer vacation cannot be understated because it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life so far. I met so many wonderful people, some whom i’m still in contact with, such as Kayoung who is such a sweet girl and friend and the best gal to hang out with at the jimjilbang.  Please read previous post on my summer vacation. I tried to recollect all that happened during the summer time.

Secondly, I went straight back to work after the summer vacation on August 17th, 2011. So 10 days of madness and funness and i’m back in the office school teaching Afterschool program.  Soon after this week, IEPIC orientation was scheduled to take place on August 24th, 2011 to August 31st, 2011.

IEPIC: 10 days in ASAN. I thought it was a small city yet we were residing in a remote apartment building style for 10 days with nothing but grass fields. We all woke up at 7am everyday.

Breakfast at 7:30am-8am.

Classes at 9am

Lunch at 12pm-1:30pm

Classes resumes at 1:30pm to 5pm

Dinner at : 5-6Pm.

Classes resumes at 6-9pm.

Exhausted but wanting social interactions.

That was for 10 days straight.

I met some wonderful people that I will not mention in detail but I did hang out with many of them after the Orientation.

I am in daily contact with Andy G. Who lives in right beside my building apartment. He’s a funny and great guy, despite his self deprecating demeanor. You will find love my friend!

IEPIC really opened my eyes because it taught me things and gave me resources I never thought i could. If only i just read the book that was given to me when i first arrived. I didn’t really bother with it. But I knew reading it could have been so useful and helpful in my classes. I felt exhausted during the orientation but I have plenty of memories to recall upon.  After coming back , I noticed my own teaching lessons and methodology really transformed to be a better, improved and detailed teacher. I want to be a prepared teacher. I actually spent a few weekends sitting there researching for resources and materials for my upcoming class. Yes, it was indeed a hassle to spend my weekend afternoons doing school work but I actually wanted to, i needed to and i wanted to impress myself. Knowing that self satisfaction of being competent and equipped with materials to tackle my apathetic students, i had to keep them on their toes.

I got my first compliments this week….”your lesson plan for this class was very good” and “you learned so much during your orientation” Thank you kind teachers ^^

Right after IEPIC orientation, I taught for three days until the CHUSEOK holiday came along.

CHUSEOK holiday began September 10th-14th.

Saturday: spent the day with the IEPIC gang. Took them around SEOUL and major sites. Took them to the MIRAE ASSET BUILDING : note that the access to the 36th floor is locked now. They realized we have been entering the secret floor overlooking SEOUL. BOO. that was my favorite secret hot spot. Thanks to Leo for all your help.

Lunch at this ITalian diner with our names written on the walls. Shall check that out again.

visited the Traditional towns of Korea with my other half. Did some Korean calligraphy in the town houses. Saw a rehearsal for a CHUSEOK performance to be held on the day of the celebration.

Sunday: Spent the day in Itaewon with Ashely and Jada, KENTUCKY girls with picky eating habits. God bless them. I think that’ sthe secret to their skinny bodies, they don’t eat anything!! Met up with Young and introduced them to the girl. Met a little black girl dressed in Hanbok, such an adorable girl. Took a picture with her.

We spent two nights in a jimjilbang. It was fun.

Took the KTX express to INCHEON AIRPORT on Monday. Went to Seoult station.

I got lost and I couldn’t find the KTX express entrance to get there.

It’s on the KTX platform. After you exit SEOUL station, Take the elevator up to the KTX platform.

Got so lost, so waited for XW. He came to pick me up and we both took the KTX express to INCHEON to pick up MAndy from HK.

Mandy came to visit me and brought me so many goodies from HK. I am so happy and grateful!

Took her on the bus. chatted a bit on the way to XW house in INCHEON Chinatown.

Stayed the night. and woke up early to go to Bupyeong Underground market. Didn’t find anything she liked since she doesn’t enjoy shopping at all.

Anyways, took her around SEOul as usual, did the Sejong Museum, Myeongdong, GeongHwaMun and we took lots of pictures.  Introduced her to Kelly’s house party.

We had Hansik for the first time in INSADONG: it was a delicious feast. However, the lady who served us was rude and uptight. Apparently we were asking for too much refills on our banchan. HELLO!!!! this is Korea!!! Free banchans all the way……I’m boycotting this place thought from now on.

Mandy and i met Tak and Namiko: we had some great conversations about many things. Culture, racism, English education, cultural perceptions, beauty and so forth.

I told Mandy if she wants to stay here with them, while I get back home to work on my lesson planning for the week. I had to leave Wednesday Morning.

She stayed two nights with Tak and Namiko:  saw things I never got to show her.

She came to my house by herself on THursday night.

Spent Friday alone sitting in stranger’s cars from GYERYONG MOUNTAIN and back. She got on a man’s car who took her to the mountain. All she asked was where the bus stop is, to get to the mountain. God bless that man.

On her hiking trail, she met another man Loggy whom drove her back to my place. I was terrified!! I can’t fathom sitting in a stranger’s car.

We ended up having a wonderful night.

Dinner at Shabu Well, amazing dinner buffet! I ate so much!

Drinks at : this random HOF place for drinks.

Came home at 1am;

Woke up next day to get to SEOUL by 4pm.

Met up with mandy’s new friend and toured Hondae.

Dinner at this seafood/BBQ place: i am boycotting it again. They didn’t give us enough for what we’re paying. The plastic samplers are lies. False advertisement!

Took the gang to Club 500, a hippy club where the owners are so free and relaxed and so cool. Great music and so non-Korean atmosphere.

Ended up at the jimjilbang at 12am.

Chatted until 3am

Slept until 5Pm.

Mandy left us on her own to SEOUL station to get to Incheon airport.

Wow, what a long week.


Back to work.

Now i’m spending my weekends to myself.

As you can tell, i’m typing all this up at 4 am in the morning. Since I slept 9pm.

hmmmmm, i need more sleep.

Quality sleep.


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