Summer Vacation Summary 2011

Summer Vacation in Seoul.

Where do i begin? Whose name should i mention? What’s the sight and sounds and flavors that lingered in my mind?

In a few adjectives: amazing, healthy, exhausted and many first times.

I must thanks Wilson, Kelly and Monica for hosting me for many nights in their home sweet home. I am eternally grateful for your open arms, open minds and open hearts.

You all made this experience 1000 times better.

Vacationing n Seoul! Day one: woke up early and cleaned and chatted and packed for the trip! Arrived ay Yongsan station and greeted by Wilson my Myengdong guide friend! Went shopping and then ate at Touch of Spice! Got lost in Seoul subway! Visited Ibis hotel lobby for free wifi!! And arrived as a guest at Harry’s gorgeous house!! Good night and miss u all!!!! Tommy.

Day two: woke up in Harry house!! Had breakfast and then got my hair chopped off! Went shopping for shirts and frames and contacts! My eyes hurt! Then met up with Kelly and Emily at Coffee Bean! Bought lots of cosmetics for sister! Ready to mail postcards on Monday!! Staying at Fraser suite!Met a soldier who is from the same hometown! Went to dog cafe but smelled bad!!! Sleepy now! Met a friend and walked back to meet Kelly!!

Day three: CSER PARTY massive success, thanks to everyone who came out and found out i do not drink a all, simply pouring cups to welcome the guests. ended up in a rooftop restaurant…ate some japanese pizza and then headed to Club Volume…music wasn’t my taste but it was fun with all the girls…and then got lost and then found taco bell..and then met up with Kuang’s gang and saw a bar fight..went home early to Kelly’s place
Day Four: Amazing JOe Kim got me tickets to the Pentaport Rock Festival. Muddy as mud can get, but it was fun. Too exhausted from the last few days. Incheon. Staying in the center of Incheon Chinatown. let’s explore now. see you all soon. tommy
Day 5: let’s not mention it! Dinner in chinatown incheon! The smallest portioned “chinese” course meal ever!!! Dinner and drinks all over Itaewon! Kelly saved me from a monster dog! Memories!
Day six! Finally mail out some family gifts and postcards! Thanks to Kelly for her boxes and directions and Ryan for his assistance! Lunch at Macau restaurant! The best jajajangmyun and fried stir fried chicken!! And then walked around gwanhwamun which was closed and visited king sejong building museum! Ended at hollywood grill bar! Met up with konni and split pub grub :chicken wings and quesadilla and tenders! Met some wonderful people and got a “tattoo” drawing on my arm! Courtesy of ms goo!
Day 7: Met up with the gang for Japanese Curry.
Went to Myeongdong for a massage. Met my Chinese massuase. who was a trainee but i liked it. wasnt the best but i totally know how she feels. I’d done it before. Went to Mirae Asset……give csers a tour of the building and the 36 floor. and then went for food in Insadong….beautiful traditional korean decor. and then we ended in Yongsan Dragonhill Jimjilbang. sweat and froze and masked. all done…and home in incheon.Thanks MOnica!!

Hello fellow CSERS! Friday: ME and Monica Kwon will be doing a “Take a picture and donate 500 won to the Animal Shelter” With us wearing traditional HANBOK outfits in the streets of MyeongDong. If anyone wants to help out…or just hang out with us for two hours…that would be nice.
Date: Friday August 12th 2011.
Location: MyeongDong or Insadong; places with tourists.
TIme: to be announced later depending on weather.

Need: someone who can film or take pictures.

Day 8: Woke up in Monica’s beautiful home, had Korean homemade breakfast and then went to BuPyeong underground market. Shopped and spent $160 on clothes, new shoes and a hanbok. Hooray. Ended up in Chinatown Incheon again, to meet up with Wilson for jajangmyung, sticky tangsokyuk and mapo tofu rice. delicious. and then did HOT YOGA in AnF total fitness club. Exhausted and now lesson planning. so lost……not sure what to do now.

Saturday: Tommy’s day in Seoul……let me know if you want to do dinner or drinks or last clubbing before i return to Gyeryong Mountain……u know how exciting that sounds right???? lols…i miss you new peeps, noonas and hyunnims….

There is a reason I said I’d be happy alone. It wasnt because I thought I would be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart, I might not make it. It’s easier to be alone. Because what if you learn that you need love? Losing love is like organ damage. It’s like dying. The only difference is, death ends. This? It could go on forever . .