Classroom management…viola!!!

“It is hard to do. A lot of times, there is nothing you can do. I Have about 34 different classes over two weeks and I happen to get my worse ones on Tuesdays. My 3-3 and 3-6 classes are the devil. 3-3 just glare at me, sleep or talk. 3-6 scream, yell, talk, sleep, etc. I use to try and pull my hair out, but I stopped caring really. I just look forward to my good classes. I have other bad classes, but they are not AS bad. I use to have 5 horrible classes, but I employed the “bully” technique.

Almost every class has a leader, bully or alpha male/female. Find out who he/she is and try to win her over. They can control the entire class with one sound. My 3-4, 3-5, and 2-10 classes use to be nightmares. But I won a few over in the classes with talking, compliments, helping with English, and the almighty candy. 3-4 has this scary loud girl. Everyone in the school bows to her. She commands more respect than teachers. She tries to speak English, but she has very bad English. She never gives up though. I compliment her about try and whatnot. She loves it. If ANYONE talks in my class, she tells them to shut up or to stop talking.

3-5 has two groups of girls. They both are bully groups and both love me to death. They will not let anyone talk bad about me or interrupt me. The last class is 2-10 and is controlled by a 4ft 5inch girl. She use to hate me, but she got her haircut and I noticed. I said, “I like your new hair. It looks cute.” Now they all listen to me. If anyone does anything in class, she doesn’t have to say anything beyond “YA” and they stop dead silent.
The most important thing I’ve learned in regard to teaching unmotivated students is this:

As native teachers, what we are able to do in terms of punishment may be inexistent. There will be students who laugh when you tell them to be quiet. They may not listen to you, but they WILL listen to their peers.
Win over the leaders / dominant students in your class and you won’t have to manage it, they’ll manage it for you. It works like a charm. Once you’ve got the leaders on your side, put the class into groups and put a dominant student in each group, they’ll make sure their group stays in line. Make them captain and explain that the group’s behavior is their responsibility. ”
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I will try this in the coming weeks.


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